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Set in the hills of Mount Banahaw, Mt. Makiling, and the Sierra Madre Range is the province of Laguna. Lakes, mountains, hot springs, streams, waterfalls, and jungles are nature‚??s vast gifts to this province. Bordering the province is South East Asia‚??s largest freshwater lake -LagunaDeBay. On this lake‚??s ridge rests a little crater gulf known to the townsmen as Crocodile Lake which makes it a lake within a lake. Hiking, trekking and mountaineering could also be enjoyed in the magical Mt. Makiling.

You can easily find different types of resort in laguna that differs from hot springs to nature types. For example, between Lumban and Cavinti towns you'd find Lake Caliraya, an area best for water activities like wind surfing, water skiing, seafaring, and day fishing.It really is an breathtaking destination for water adventure due to its deep waters and of the strong mountain breeze that blows from Sierra Madre Mountain Ranges and distant Mt. Banahaw. Additionally, wandering into the rough area leading to the mountain is an exciting experience in Dalitiwan River in Botocan, Majayjay wherein tourists can witness the river‚??s strong current of freezing waters. Tourists flock to the famous Pagsanjan Falls for all the thrill of white water landing where skilled boatmen navigate the boat of adrenaline junkies through the rocks and streams to the cascades of vibrant, pristine and calming mountain water.

Throughout the months of Oct to April, the province of Laguna is pretty dry, however it's rainy throughout the entire year for a small part close to its Southerly districts. The same climate is also being observed in the western municipalities of the province, near its main city Sta. Cruz. For this reason, the westerly municipalities tend to be more concentrated with lots of private resorts, which makes it a finest summer season holiday destination for those living nearby Manila - Philippines capital.

All-naturall and man-made hot spring resorts are all over the towns of Calamba and Los Banos which are located at the foot of Makiling. Relieving one's soul and providing new strength to the body may just be the positive effects of staying deep into the water. From among the 500 Laguna resorts in these cities, business get-togethers, family get-together, important occasions, are some of the great options. Among those resorts are City of Spring Resort, Splash Mountain Resort, La Vista Pansol, and Hidden Valley Springs. This province is merely a two-hour drive from Manila through SLEX, hence, Laguna resorts are conveniently accessible. It is also called as the Detroit of the Philippines because this Resort Capital of the Philippines is a thriving centre for economic activity.

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